Technical data

 3 independent signal generators, galvanically isolated from each other and from the housing (Insulation resistance > 10 MOhm)

rechargeable battery

Working time with fully charged battery: approximately 10 hours

Charging time: Approximately 30 minutes

Capacity: 9Ah

Charge/Discharge cycle: Min. 10,000 times

3 removable brass mugs with lids

Onboard computer with 7 inch touch screen

External power supply (100-240 V)

Characteristics of output signals

Frequency range 0.000001 Hz – 36 MHz

Waveforms: Rectangular and sine

Precision of frequencies: 100 ppm and above

Output voltage: 0.1 – 16 V (peak – peak)

DC voltage component: Peak-to-peak voltage 0.50%, peak-to-peak voltage +50 + 0.3V

Voltage accuracy: +/- 3% or +/- 100 mV at frequency < 5 MHz (higher value applies)


USB connection

Ethernet connection

Ground connection

External Foot Pedal

Device Maintenance

There is no need to calibrate the TRIKOMBIN device. Technical service is provided by our company.

Warranty period

Trikombin device has a 3-year warranty. Batteries are not covered by warranty. Device maintenance performed outside the authorized service voids the warranty period.

Company and Device Certificates

Biofrequency Systems Education and Research Ltd. Ltd. T.R. It is authorized to sell medical devices approved by the Ministry of Health and is the Turkish Distributor of Mannayan.

Our company employees, T.R. It has a certification systematic in accordance with the “Medical Device Sales and Advertisement Regulation” of the Ministry of Health.

Our organization, which has an ISO certificate, carries out its activities and training seminars in accordance with these standards.

Trikombin Biofeedback CE Certificate Number
AP/MD 2016-04-002/Rev:00

Trikombin Electro Acupuncture CE No
AP/MD 2016-04-002/Rev:00

Zapper Biofeedback CE No
AP/MD 2016-04-002/Rev:00