Expert Opinions

Opinions of our participants about Biofrequency Systems Education and Research.

Family doctor

I am very happy that this excellent system, which opens a new window for physicians in patient evaluation and therapies, is now taken seriously in our country’s medical community.

Uzm. Dr. Sümer Zeynep Karabey

General practitioner

I do not know of a more successful method in allergy treatments other than vibration medicine.

Dr. Ahmet Fehimoğlu

Forensic Medicine

Vibration medicine is a method that has been used safely for many years in many countries around the world.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Selim Özkök

General practitioner

The areas where vibration medicine is most commonly used are allergies, pain and chronic infections.

Dr. Emel Dinçer


In my opinion, vibrational medicine is one of the most reliable methods in the field of complementary medicine.

Dr. Hatice Sağlam

Infectious diseases and Ozone therapy

I believe that the medicine of the future will be vibration medicine.

Uzm. Dr. Ahmet Şahin Alpay

Child Health and Diseases Specialist

When I started using biofrequency therapy systems, I could not imagine that I would get such successful results.

Uzm. Dr. Esra Dolar

Child Health and Diseases Specialist

I have many patients in my practice who benefit from frequency therapies and are very satisfied.

Uzm. Dr. İlke Karaçay Coşkun