After attending basic, advanced and trainer seminars held in Germany and taking lessons from my experienced teachers, I have been applying the Biofrequency Training Systematics in Türkiye for 14 years. Every month, I organize seminars showing Biofrequency Systematics on various subjects (for example, Autoimmune Diseases, Allergy, Infectious Diseases…). While it is possible to organize these trainings in various provinces of Turkey, they are also held in a wonderful holiday environment in our center, Kuşadası.

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The primary aim of Biofrequency Academy is to share knowledge in the field of Vibration Medicine and raise the awareness level of doctors. On this platform, especially experienced physicians can present their ideas and suggestions. They can guide physicians who are new to Vibration Medicine and help them be more successful. It is planned to integrate academic platforms organized by various organizations in our country and abroad into the Biofrequency Academy.

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SeminArs & webınars

We specialize in providing engaging and informative seminars and webinars on biofrequency. With a wealth of experience, our sessions are designed to offer valuable insights and knowledge in this dynamic field. We take pride in conducting frequent seminars and webinars, ensuring a regular flow of up-to-date information and interactive learning experiences. Join us on this journey of exploration and education in the fascinating realm of biofrequency.


Embark on a scientific journey with us as we delve into cutting-edge research and studies. Our commitment to advancing knowledge is reflected in our rigorous scientific investigations. By conducting meticulous studies, we aim to contribute valuable insights to the scientific community. Our team of dedicated researchers employs a systematic and evidence-based approach, ensuring the reliability and relevance of our findings. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge as we explore new frontiers through our unwavering dedication to scientific studies.

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Immerse yourself in a global exchange of ideas and expertise as we actively participate in international congresses. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in various fields is demonstrated by our consistent engagement with these prestigious gatherings. By participating in international congresses, we connect with experts, share insights, and contribute to the collective knowledge pool. This enriching experience enables us to foster collaborations, stay updated on the latest trends, and bring diverse perspectives to our community. Join us on this international journey, where we actively contribute and learn from the global tapestry of knowledge.

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